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사이트코드 사이트명 템플릿 아이디
atmleng Aerosol Technology Monitoring Laboratory atmleng
bioscopy Biomedical in vivo Opto-scopy (BiOscopy) Laboratory bioscopy
ham 관리자 ham
kor 메인 kor
register register register
ai 인공지능 연구실 template_a1
aieng Artificial Intelligence Laboratory template_a1
atto Attosecond Science Laboratory template_a1
bimil Bioinspired and Biointegrated Materials Lab. (BIMIL) template_a1
cell Cell Dynamics and Imaging Laboratory template_a1
clar Cellular Logistics and Aging Research Laboratory template_a1
energy Organic Electrochemistry and Energy Materials Laboratory template_a1
etcl Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry Laboratory template_a1
exel Exploratory Hybrid Electronic Device Lab. (EXEL) template_a1
femto Femtosecond Spectroscopy Laboratory template_a1
flexible Flexible Electronics Lab. (FEL) template_a1
giai GIST Institute for Artificial Intelligence template_a1
lifeeng School of Life Sciences template_a1
mass Functional and Medicinal Proteomics Laboratory template_a1
mnl Molecular Neurobiology Laboatory template_a1
modsim Modeling & Simulation Lab. template_a1
nsmml Nano-Spintronics Magnetic Materials Lab. template_a1
psl Power Systems Laboratory template_a1
samplesite 샘플사이트 template_a1
sel Soil Environment Laboratory template_a1
sentor Sensor and Actuator Lab. template_a1
snl Soft Nanomaterials and Energy Lab. (SNE) template_a1
steitzcenter Steitz Center for Structural Biology template_a1
test test template_a1
ultrafast Laboratory for Ultrafast Nonlinear Optics template_a1
x-ray X-ray Labarotory for Nanoscale Phenomena template_a1
xray Protein Structure and Function Laboratory template_a1
aolwebsite Applied Optics Lab. template_a2
biocomput BioComputing Lab template_a2
biomems BioMEMS Lab. template_a2
brgt Bio-Remodeling & Gene Therapy Laboratory template_a2
genomic-medicine Laboratory of Genomic Medicine template_a2
gistrna RNA Genomics and Epigenetics Laboratory template_a2
hcis Human-Centered Intelligent Systems Lab. template_a2
hrlab Healthcare Robotics Laboratory template_a2
panorama panorama template_a2
shr System Health and Reliability Lab. template_a2
speed High Speed Intergrated Circuit Lab. template_a2
ssll Solid State Lighting Lab. template_a2
tcell Cellular Immunology Laboratory template_a2
test123 test123 template_a2
test1234 test1234 template_a2
bmssa Bio-Medical Signal & System Analysis Lab. template_a3
combio Data Mining & Computational Biology Lab. template_a3
midas Microwave-optoelectronic Intergrated Device And System Lab. template_a4
tmtor Tumor Metabolism and Therapeutic Oncology Research Laboratory template_a4
college 광주과학기술원 지스트대학 template_a5
college_eng GIST College template_a5
bpc Biophysical Chemistry Lab. template_b1
comlab Comunications and Sensor Networks Lab. template_b1
eesl Eletrochemical Energy Systems Lab. (EESL) template_b1
fonl Functional Oxide Nanostructure Lab. template_b1
gistesca Laboratory for Electron Spectroscopy for Surface/Interface Chemical Analysis template_b1
lpal Laser-Plasma Acceleration Laboratory template_b1
sanghan Functional Nanostructures and Nanoelectronics Lab. (FNNL) template_b1
well Water Energy Link Laboratory template_b1
scent Super Computing center template_b2
genomics Functional Genomics laboratory template_b3
inorg Hybrid Catalysts Lab. template_b3
neurophotonics Neurophotonics Laboratory template_b3
atmoslab Atmospheric Trace MOlecule Sensing Lab. template_c1
bionmr Structural Biochemistry Lab. template_c1
bmse 의생명공학과 template_c1
bmseeng Department of Biomedical Science and Engineering template_c1
camlab Climate Analysis and Modeling Laboratory template_c1
chem 화학과 template_c1
chemeng Department of Chemistry template_c1
eecs 전기전자컴퓨터공학부 template_c1
embl Environmental Membrane-Biotechnology Laboratory template_c1
enol Environmental Omics Lab. template_c1
env1 지구·환경공학부 template_c1
env1eng School of Earth Science and Environmental Engineering template_c1
ertl Electrochemical Reaction & Technology Laboratory template_c1
fps Functional Polymer Synthesis Lab. (FPS) template_c1
iit School of Integrated Technology template_c1
ipa GIST IPA (Office of International and Public Affairs) template_c1
kdrc KoreaDrosophilaResourceCenter template_c1
ldd Laboratory of Drug Discovery template_c1
me 기계공학부 template_c1
meeng School of Mechanical Engineering template_c1
mse 신소재공학부 template_c1
mseeng School of Materials Science and Engineering template_c1
ndl Neural Development and Function Laboratory template_c1
neuro Neuromodulation Laboratory template_c1
nmr Biomembrane Molecular Functional Modulator Discovery Laboratory template_c1
orgsyn Organic Synthesis Lab. template_c1
peptoid Biomimetic Materials Lab. template_c1
phys 물리‧광과학과 template_c1
physeng Department of Physics and Photon Science template_c1
qdev Quantum Devices Laboratory template_c1
space Aerospace Propulsion Lab. template_c1
analog Analog And Mixed-Signal Intergrated Circuit Design Lab. template_c2
bmelsmse Biomacromolecular Engineering Lab. (BMEL) template_c2
cellclearance Cell Clearance Laboratory template_c2
cmat Condensed Matter and mAterials Theory Lab. (CMAT) template_c2
laserfusion Laser Fusion Laboratory template_c2
medrobotics Intelligent Medical Robotics Laboratory template_c2
mems MEMS & Nano System Lab. template_c2
mpsf Membrane protein Structural and functional biology Laboratory template_c2
peroxisomes Lab. of Peroxisomes & Lipid Metabolism template_c2
t-neurolab Laboratory of Translational Neuroscience template_c2
bsbp BioSensors and Bio-Photonics Laboratory template_c3
eml Electrocatalysis and Materials Lab. template_c3
fos Functional Organic Molecules Synthesis Lab. template_c3
hedp High Energy Density Physics Laboratory template_c3
lcbl Language, Cognition, & Brain Lab template_c3
npsl Nanophotonic Semiconductor Lab. template_c3
sci Soft Computing & Interaction Laboratory template_c3
smartpolymer Smart Hybrid Materials Lab. template_c3
tmbl Trace Metal Biogeochemistry Laboratory template_c3
wits Wireless Networking and Security Lab. template_c3
aeml Applied and Environmental Microbiology Lab. template_d1
alis Advanced Lithography for Integrated Systems Lab. (ALIS) template_d1
biophotonics Biophotonics Laboratory template_d1
ccmp Computational Condensed Matter Physics Laboratory template_d1
cdl Osteoarthritis Research Laboratory template_d1
cnesl Carbon & Energy Systems Laboratory template_d1
ebl Energy and Biotechnology Lab template_d1
ecl Environmental Catalyst Lab template_d1
enl Environmental Nanotechnology Lab. template_d1
inpl In Situ Nanostructure Processing Lab. (INPL) template_d1
isct Immune Synapse & Cell Therapy Laboratory template_d1
isp Information and Signal Processing Lab. template_d1
ndtl New Drug Targets Laboratory template_d1
nsl Autonomous Driving & Smart 3D Printing Lab. template_d1
optogist Laboratory for Spectroscopy of Condensed Matter Physics template_d1
ppl Photonics Polymer Lab. (PPL) template_d1
professors 교수협의회 template_d1
rbgd Reproductive Biomedicine and Gene Discovery template_d1
sfdl Structure-Function Discovery Lab. template_d1
siel Stable Isotope Ecology Laboratory template_d1
smbio Single Molecule Biology and Cellular Dynamics Laboratory template_d1
wqtl Water Quality and Treatment Laboratory template_d1
3dbit 3D Biomedical Image and Technology template_d2
atml 에어로졸공학모니터링연구실 template_d2
boc Bioorganic Chemistry Lab. template_d2
catalyst Energy Catalyst and Device Laboratory template_d2
dcas Distributed Control and Autonomous Systems Lab. template_d2
el Self-asseambled Organic Nanomaterials Lab. (SO_MAT) template_d2
hohjai Photonic Quantum Chemistry Lab. template_d2
hr Human Robotics Lab. template_d2
klee_lab Low-dimensional Electron Systems Lab template_d2
laser Laser Micro/Nano Fabrication Lab. template_d2
life 생명과학부 template_d2
micro Ultraprecision Machine System Lab. template_d2
nheat Nano Energy & Heat Transfer Lab. template_d2
ospl Organic Semiconductors and Photonics Lab. (OSPL) template_d2
stat Computational Many-body Physics Group template_d2
theory THEORY Lab. template_d2
dgl Developmental Genetics Laboratory template_d3
ecol Structural Optimization for electromechanical devices Laboratory template_d3
hrc GIST인권센터 template_d3
kct 한국문화기술연구소 template_d3
kct_eng Korea Culture Technology institute template_d3
mcl Medicinal Chemistry Lab. template_d3
mt-it 유무선통합정보연구센터 template_d3